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The Founding Team

Karthik S

Washington University, USA

A Computer Scienctist, former R&D Specialist @ TCS labs. He reads computer science books as bedtime stories.Click here for full profile

Bharadwaj K

Nanyang Tech University, Singapore

Math Whiz Kid and Engineer, Former Project Manager @Credit Suisse, Singapore. A sci-fi geek who lives in the future.Click here for full profile

The Beginning

In 2014, a couple of computer scientists got together to solve a simple problem that had been raised time and again by the recruiters they had worked with on prior products. "I have a lot of candidates I gathered in the past, is there a way I can simply call the right candidates in the future when a new opening comes up." or in other words: How do I rediscover my candidate database?

The R&D Lab

The founding team at Tobu quickly put together a small team of scientists and engineers to work on the problem. The focus of the research was very clear- how do you convert resumes into reusable data. This involved 2 steps:
  1. Resumes are written in many different ways and come in multiple formats. The team had to build an accurate parser: a technology that can convert all the unstructured resume information into structured data (for eg. contact details, locations, colleges/universities, designations, work experience etc.) or in other words, skip manual entry of resumes into excel sheets/ a database.
  2. Building a fast search engine that can pinpoint accurate candidates based on the most important criteria for recruiters.

The team first started out by researching papers published in the field and by researching the range of tools available in the market. The team then consulted various tech firms that had worked on such problems in the past. Over the years, the Tobu team worked iteratively with hundreds of recruiters to build the solid technology behind this powerful product. There were multiple technologies involved in this research: from simple pattern matching to advanced machine learning and deep learning models. Fast forward to 2018. The team has built one of the fastest and most accurate search engines for resumes in the world with a gamut of tools that can make the candidate rediscovery process extremely simple for recruiters.

The mission

Our goal is to help recruiters to make great hires quickly and in effect, growing their businesses and revenues. We strongly believe that great technology should be highly affordable. We are confident in our team’s ability to build state-of-the-art systems that will continue to wow recruiters across the globe. We believe in great customer service and we are always listening to the problems faced by the users of our systems.

Why the name Tobu?

The company is named after a dog that was born at pretty much the same time the company was founded. We love the dog, and we hope we can replicate the kind of joy we get from spending time with the pet as you would get from using Tobu. We believe in loyalty, simplicity and customer service, much like our friendly pet. We also believe recruitment should not be boring. We believe it should drive your business forward and should never be looked at as a chore. We work very hard to make life simpler for recruiters.

How can I use Tobu?

Tobu is a search engine for your internal resume database where you can upload and search through your resumes. Sign up and start exploring yourself. I would suggest you start by uploading a set of resumes on the Tobu website into your private account and searching through them on the Tobu Website. Ideally, download Tobu Drive (similar to dropbox/ google drive) to your desktop and sync all your resumes in one click with your private account on the cloud. You can also configure your Email and Tobu will automatically fetch, de-duplicate and add the resume attachments into your Tobu database.

Even before signing up, you could try the resume to excel converter to test the accuracy of our parsing engine (resume data extractor) for your resumes. Go to Tobu home page and upload a set of resumes . Tobu will process the resume information and extract resume data including name of candidate, phone number, email address, location, zipcodes, years of work experience, job titles, qualifications, universities etc. automatically and populate it into a spreadsheet for you.

Now imagine: All the resume data that you ever owned becomes searchable by all these fields in seconds!