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Automated Data Entry

Upload unstructured resumes of any format. Tobu finds the structure and picks up key details including job titles, contact details, experience levels and locations automatically through a powerful parsing engine


Ranked Search

Use the superfast search engine to search through your resumes by various fields including job title relevance, skill proficiencies and location radius to get accurate and ranked search results.


Store and Backup

Use Tobu Drive and email integration features to keep resumes from your local computers and emails synced with Tobu. This will also serve as a cloud backup for your resume database.


Share and Collaborate

Share you resumes database with your team selectively and securely and collaborate with ease with the differenct parties in the recruitment process.

Why all the buzz

We love our customers. They spread the love.


Use the simple interface and let your resume database work for you.


Use our intelligent parsers, search engine and recruitment analytics tools to make the best hires efficiently.


Your database is private and secure on our servers and this is our utmost priority. Your data shall be yours alone.

Join over 700 companies that are currently using Tobu.


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