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Vendor-Company Collaboration

Stop communicating with vendors via email

Invite your Vendors to directly collaborate with you on Tobu

  • One click invite and job sharing with vendors - Just enter their email and say which jobs you want to collect resumes on from the vendor.
  • Share each job with multiple vendors. Each vendor would only be able to see and work on the resumes that they have shared on the job and cannot see other resumes you / other vendors have uploaded.
  • Selectively share comments/ attachments with vendors on candidates. You can choose whether you would like to share the comment with the vendor or only keep it to you and your colleagues while saving it. (instead of sending mails about the candidates separately.)
  • Collaborative tracking: When you/ your team tracks the candidate on the system, the vendor gets immediately notified on the activity. This helps in saving time in updating the vendor on selection and rejections. You can also choose to allow the vendor to track on your behalf.
  • Collaborative interview management: When you/ your team schedules and interview with the candidate, the vendor gets notified on the interview. You can choose to share this information with the vendor. You can choose to allow the vendor to schedule interviews on your behalf.
  • Duplicate checks: If you already have a candidate/ if another vendor has already submitted a candidate to you, Tobu automatically picks up that it is a duplicate and informs the other vendor accordingly.