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Team Collaboration

Your entire recruitment team in one place

Invite your team-mates - all sourcers, HR managers, Hiring managers, Business Heads, Interviewers, Vendors/ Agencies and sub vendors under one roof. We have built tools that are intuitive and cover the entire spectrum of communication with your team mates

  • One click team(colleagues) and vendor(Recruitment Agencies/ Headhunters/ placement consultants etc.) invitations
  • Shared Database search for all colleagues- All resumes collated into the database from email integration and Tobu Drive will be searchable by each user.
  • Share candidates and search results with colleagues and clients directly via the interface.
  • Customized access levels (What can each person see and do on Tobu)
  • Shared and restricted job views - Selectively invite colleagues and vendors to collaborate on jobs.
  • Add comments and attachments to candidates - shared views help colleagues know comment histories
  • Customize which colleagues will handle particular stages within the recruitment process.
  • Track candidate stages and statuses collectively. Mark candidates as move forward to next stage, rejection statuses etc.
  • Schedule interviews with your colleagues and get reminders based on access levels and times scheduled.
  • Get Email notification upon colleague actions on a job role - comments, interviews scheduled, tracking through stages and rejections.
  • Collectively Vote on each stage on interviewers deciding on whether they should move forward or not.
  • Invite vendors and share job roles with them specifically.
  • Vendors can schedule interviews on your behalf on the system.
  • Communicate on tracking stage and statuses, comments added etc with vendors deirectly through Tobu. (Please see Vendor-Company Collaboration for more details)