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Security and Privacy

Customizable access, Data Encryption, Data Protection and a lot more.

Given the nature of recruiting, your data security and privacy is our priority. We take a numbber of measure to ensure this. Please see the full privacy policy to understand further

  • Tobu is GDPR compliant. We prioritise the protection of our user data as well as of the candidate data that is stored within the system.
  • Your database is yours alone. When you sync your data with Tobu, all the resumes stored to your database will only be visible to you and your team. No information will be shared with users other than the ones you authorize to use in the system.
  • Customized IP security checks: We have built advanced functionalities that would allow users to access the site from very specific IP addresses. This can be utilised by companies to ensure that the resumes are only accessible from specific office consoles etc.
  • Customized access levels: Each user can be given a very specific access level that will curtail them from accessing sensitive information like the salary related data.
  • Encrypted passwords: All passwords saved to Tobu are encryped and will not be accessible directly in the database of Tobu.
  • Email access security: Tobu takes industry wide recognized measures of security while ensuring the security of you email data and your candidate resume data.