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Automated Data Entry

Automated Accurate Resume Parsing

Once you upload your resumes, Tobu's proprietary parsing engine automatically picks up the key details from the resumes, regardless of their format or structure, and get populated in your database. Some of the details that are automatically picked up:

  • Name
  • Contact Number
  • Email
  • Location
  • Years of Experience
  • Date of Birth (Age)
  • Current Job Role
  • Educational Qualification
  • University attended

How it works


1. Automated Parse upon Upload

When Resumes are synced with Tobu using the Email integration, Tobu Drive upload or Web uploads etc., Tobu's machine learning algorithms automatically pick out all the key details from the resumes within seconds of entering the system to a high degree of accuracy.


2. Search Database

Search for your candidate through the Search database option and entering the advanced search criteria for retrieving resumes.


3. Download Excel Sheets/ Track Candidates/ Bulk Email Candidates / Review Candidates

Select the list of candidates by checking the boxes and choose from multiple optoins that will allow you to download the resumes to excel(spreadsheet) format or organize them into Job Roles(applicant Tracking - More Details) or Bulk Emailing the candidates or review the candidates for a job fit.