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Resume Consolidation

Consolidate CVs from all other places

Tobu has integrated multiple avenues to source resumes to Tobu and into Job Openings organized in Tobu.

  • Job boards(Jobs posted on Indeed, Linkedin etc. ) : These are automatically identified from your incoming emails(More Details) and sorted into relevant job roles
  • Sub-Vendors/ Agencies : Use the vendor management interface (More Details) to share jobs with sub-vendors and collect resumes directly to Jobs. Tobu sends duplicate identification notifications etc. immediately to all parties involved
  • Direct and Referral Emails(Company and Recruiter email addresses) : All these resumes will be picked up directly from the email integration(More Details) and you can directly respond to the candidate from within Tobu.
  • Job Board Search Engines (Linkedin Search, Monster search etc.): Save these to a subfolder on your desktop which is synced with Tobu Drive(More Details). Tobu will automatically add these to your database and will be saved here for the future.

At Tobu, we are stoked about integrations. We know you are using a lot of different software and people to source your resumes from. Often, you just want to compare all of these candidates side by side using the same set of parameters (skills, experience, past companies, past title relevance etc.). We score every resume based on the same parameters that you set in the system.(More Details)