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Interview Management

Interview collaboration has never been so comprehensive, yet simple

  • Schedule interviews with candidates from the system. Use the appointment calendar to track your daily interviews
  • Collaborate on Interviews: Once you set collaborators on different stages, you can selectively share the calendar appointments only with the people at relevant stages.
  • Further to job level collaborators, you can individually assign multiple custom set of collaborators to each candidate at each stage of the hiring process.
  • Optionally send calendar invites to the candidates directly from Tobu. The calendar sends an ics file which can then be synced with the candidates calendar on mobile(Google / Apple etc).
  • Set reminders before interviews to all collaborators involved at the stage of the interview. The reminders carry the link to profile of the candidate.
  • Auto-email notifications on bein set as in interviewer / collaborator for a particular job positions/ candidate
  • Take notes and attach interview sheets to the candidate profile which will be automatically shared with your team mates on the job-role
  • Use votes to collectively decide on which cadidates go through to the next round and which candidates dont.