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Email Integration

Stop downloading resumes from your Email

Link your existing email with Tobu and let Tobu automatically fetch the resumes into your Tobu account.
 a. Tobu's machine learning algorithms distinguishes resumes from other attachments and only adds resumes your database.
 b. Tobu's algorithms de-duplicate resumes and shows you the latest copy of the resume.
 c. Tobu understands your conversation histories and organizes them by candidates and vendors.
 d. You can send outgoing mailers directly from Tobu to candidates and other-parties from your company email address

How it works


1. Configure your email account.

Select your account type from a host of options. We support all email types. If your account is not on the list please select "Show More Options" and add your account details.


2. API integrations

If you have chosen one of the standard Email Servers (Outlook/ MS 365/ Exchange/ Gmail/ Zoho), you will be redirected to the respective sites to enter your credentials. Once you have authenticated Tobu, the link is established and the secure data sync starts.


3. Password encryption and secure extraction

If you have chosen the more other email types and had to enter a password, we encrypt your passwords and ensure secure data sync from your email inbox.