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Job Tracking/ Candidate Emails

A super intuitive Applicant Tracking System

When it comes to applicant tracking we have made it power packed but yet kept the interface really intuitive. Tobu has many of the industry wide standard applicant tracking that include:

  • Create jobs and track candidates through different stages and maintain team notes. Customize tracking based on your company processes.
  • Maintain the entire log of the candidate's history.
  • Collaborate with your team to maintain notes, tracking statuses and customize access rights to different features. More information can be found in the Team Collaboration Section
  • Schedule interviews and keep your calendar up-to-date. More details can be found in the Interview Management section
  • Send bulk mails to the candidates on their application statuses using email templates.
  • Design custom trackers and save templates based on clients/ job roles. You can then download these trackers into excel sheets for further analysis.

Unique Tobu Features

  • Collaborate with external vendors by sharing job roles and collecting resumes from vendors. Further, you can keep them up to date on candidate interviews and statuses using automated notifications in the system. More information can be found in the Vendor-Company Collaboration section
  • Smart shortlist candidates to auto rank candidates based on Tobu's resume analytics engine. More details here

How it works


1. Update status of each application

Mark the application as under review, on hold, rejected or hired (customizable).


2. Update current stage of an application

Mark when an application reaches screening, interview or offer stage (customizable).


3. Comment on an application

Write your comments on any application before and after any stage.